Your Children Will Love This Glass Jar With Happiness

A glass jar of happiness is a wonderful place where we can put positive messages in a jar to tell our loved ones how important they are to us every day.
Your kids will love this glass jar with happiness

It is often said that happiness is as vulnerable as fine crystal. Crystal that is cared for daily, however, shines and sparkles. It’s all about protecting it, as with this glass jar of happiness.

Therefore, we need to express our love to take care of this valuable aspect of our lives. We need to know how to make plans to show it, not just perform spontaneous actions.

One way to achieve this is by following our advice in this article.

It is called a “glass jar of happiness”. It is a motivating technique which tends to give good results with a small group of individuals. It works  in a classroom, a workgroup and most of all in a family.

The purpose is simple:  fill it daily with positive thoughts about others.

It should be thoughts and sincere sentences, feelings, encouragement, love and inspiration.

Below we will explain to you how to make a glass jar with happiness and benefit from it.

Use your emotional intelligence

Glass jar with happiness has heart glued on

In our daily lives  , we do not always find the right time to tell our loved ones how much we care about them. It involves our parents, our children and our partner.

It takes a little work, for it is not always easy to find the words to express our feelings.

Therefore, it becomes easier by having this glass jar with happiness. Every day we need to use our emotional intelligence to learn and demonstrate our positive emotions better.

Some of the simple phrases we can use are as follows:

  • I’m proud of how you handled the problem you had.
  • I love when you smile. You really are something special.
  • Thanks for the sweet things you did for me yesterday. You are very important in my life.
  • I thought a lot about you at work today. I really wanted to go home and meet you.
  • I’m sorry I made you angry yesterday. Sometimes I don’t think until I speak. And I regret that. I just want you to know that you are the most beautiful part of my life.

A glass jar of happiness helps teach our children

Little girl with flower

A glass jar with happiness is a very good strategy to use in our children’s upbringing. It will help them in the following ways:

  • Every day they can receive positive confirmation from us, which will help them grow and mature:

“I am proud of your efforts at school.” “I like how you take responsibility for your stuff.” “Do not worry about the mistake you made. Mom and Dad trust you and know that next time you will do better… ”

At the same time, they should make small messages to us. In this way, they become obligated to practice their reflection, emotional expression and analysis.

Similarly, the fact that a glass jar of happiness can amplify the positive is enough in itself to make it. It is something that provides motivation and security when they need it most.

3. We reconsider the beautiful little details

Small actions make people happy. These are small acts full of love and sincere concern. It’s all about knowing what we need and also what we like.

A glass jar of happiness is a place where one can put all these little actions. This is where we receive a “thank you” for being a certain way or an “I like your way of being” or “I love being by your side”.

These are simple sentences that are short and basic and will make our lives sweeter, make our day brighter and motivate us.

Glass jar with happiness has heart glued on

4. We cultivate gratitude

When we are in a family, we often take things for granted. We believe that what our partner is doing is just normal or expected.

We tell ourselves that our mother, grandfather or siblings do us certain services because it is routine in a family.

However, when we take things for granted, we lose the magic. At the same time, the person doing these cute little things may feel disappointed and not appreciated.

Because of that, one must never forget to say “thank you”, write “I love you” to them or remind them “what would I do without you?”

It’s a simple strategy that you will get a lot out of.

5. We focus on the positive

Glass jar with happiness contains small pieces of paper

Critical cases such as exhaustion and stress abound in our daily lives. It is this stress that forces us to hurry without focusing on who we are close to and what is important to our heart. Sometimes we do not express our gratitude.

  • The purpose of the messages  we leave in this glass jar of happiness every day is to focus only on the positive.
  • When we do, we change our view. We stop giving meaning to what goes on and worries us. Instead, we focus on the good in the people we love. We remember that we really love them. We also remember what really makes us happy.

In conclusion, we recommend that you do this at home with the help of your children. Choose a beautiful glass jar, decorate it and start writing positive messages today.

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