Wool Therapy: The Benefits Of Knitting

Knitting. When you hear this word, you’ll probably think of a picture of an old lady sitting and knitting a sweater for a family member … But it could not be more wrong. Today, knitting has become a social phenomenon that offers many benefits to your physical and mental health. Are you interested in learning about the benefits of knitting?
Wool Therapy: The Benefits of Knitting

Today on our website we would like to invite you to learn about everything there is to know about this traditional hobby that is both magical and original at the same time. Are you ready to learn about the benefits of knitting?

The benefits of knitting for your brain

knitting yarn

One stitch on the left, one on the right, grab some wool in one color, pass it over the top… Knitting is not quite simple or something you can pick up in a minute. It requires rhythm, mental agility and that the hands are active at all times. It will be incredibly satisfying to see your very own multi-colored scarf, a sweater for your partner or an original bag that no one else has.

Knitting is a social phenomenon that many call “wool therapy”, that is, it is an exercise with countless benefits for your health, and is highly recommended for everyone. Big, small, young, old, men, women, children with behavioral problems, those who suffer from stress…

We invite you to learn all about the benefits of knitting below.

1. Knitting trains both halves of the brain


The simple act of transferring a piece of yarn from one knitting needle to another greatly improves your cerebral coordination. By adding more complexity to the garment you create, your mental dexterity will further strengthen your rhythm and coordination.

This may come as a surprise, but knitting is really therapeutic for anyone with motor problems. It has even been found that it improves attention and focus on activities in children with mental health problems. Do not wait! Teach the little ones in your home to knit. It’s no longer just for old ladies!

2. Reduces stress

Knitting needles and yarn

Many people often go to the park together to knit. They sit on a bench, take out their yarn and knitting needles, and start knitting while relaxing and talking, or just focusing on the activity while their problems and worries disappear.

Knitting is relaxing. The manual activity and directing your attention to the work opens the doors to a calm state of mind, which provides many benefits to those who experience stress or anxiety.

3. Knitting improves the mood

Woman knitting

As we mentioned before, many people often meet to knit and chat with each other while performing this interesting task. Knitting promotes sociability, forming new friendships and bringing people together… But you do not have to leave your house to knit. Being alone will also make you enjoy the silence of your own thoughts while increasing the endorphin level, which makes you relax and gives you a comfortable feeling of well-being.

4.  It improves your motor skills

Woman knitting

You have guaranteed at some point noticed how lively your grandmother’s hands are when she knits, creating an expensive piece of yarn craft. She may have a bit of osteoarthritis or the painful carpal tunnel syndrome, but her fingers and hands moved naturally.

Knitting is an exercise that makes the hands move and prevents them from becoming stiff and inflexible. Moving them warms them up, which makes the pain milder and less noticeable. This healthy exercise is worth exercising for at least an hour a day. Those who suffer from arthritis can take it easy.

We must also point out that knitting improves children’s fine motor skills. It also helps improve their writing, and makes them more proficient.

5. Knitting gives increased self-esteem

Does that surprise you? How can something as simple as knitting improve your well-being? Knitting is not just a hobby, knitting involves one goal: to create a pair of gloves or a sweater. Creating a piece of clothing can be really rewarding, setting a goal and achieving it.

There is something gratifying about giving someone you care about a piece of clothing that you have spent many hours making. It is more than a gift: you give your time, your imagination, art and emotions.

Knitting is not an old art for old ladies. Knitting brings generations together, and is associated with many amazing therapeutic benefits. We often talk about walking for half an hour every day or drinking a glass of warm water with lemon. But today we invite you to take up a new healthy habit: Start knitting today!

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