Why Should You Eat Flaxseed Regularly?

Since it is rich in fiber, flaxseed can help prevent constipation and cleanse your intestines. Avoid eating flaxseed if you have diverticulosis as it can cause discomfort.
Why should you eat flaxseed regularly?

We have talked a lot about the benefits of this superfood that has become known as  flaxseed  on our blog. But did you know that you should eat flaxseed because it is both healthy and nutritious?

Flaxseed is very popular and can be found in regular grocery stores as well as health food stores. They have an extremely high content of dietary fiber and are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids  to help you start your day on.

In today’s article we will explain all about why you should eat flaxseed and how you can consume it. Read here!

1. Therefore you should eat flaxseed

Lentils and beans

What seeds should you normally eat every day? While it is true that most people are not used to this,  adding these is absolutely necessary for your health.

Are you ready to try it?

  • They give you  energy
  • They contain complex carbohydrates, so  their energy is slowly released in your body and prevents weight gain and makes you feel more full
  • They help remove toxins and waste
  • They are made up of vegetable protein
  • They are a natural source of fiber
  • They help regulate bowel function
  • They contain lots of antioxidants
  • They improve the  health of your skin
  • They improve  your brain function

What are the best seeds you can eat regularly?

  • Flaxseed
  • Amaranth seeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Sesame seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Cumin
  • Hemp seeds
  • Grape seeds?

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Benefits of flaxseed

Flaxseed oil

1. You need to eat flax seeds because they are very nutritious

  • Flaxseed is very rich in  omega-3 (75%) and omega-6 (25%)  polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • They contain digestive enzymes.
  • It contains vitamins E and B.
  • The main minerals it contains are iodine, iron, zinc,  magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, silicon and even copper.

2. Flaxseed improves digestion and helps regulate body weight

  • Thanks to its digestive enzymes, flaxseed helps  you digest your food better and improve your intestinal flow.
  • Flaxseed also has detoxifying properties. This helps cleanse your intestines and improves the body’s efficient absorption of nutrients.
  • Thanks to their high soluble fiber content,  you will feel more satiated and avoid fluid retention and constipation.
  • All this combined with its  ability to promote detoxification  makes flaxseed an appropriate supplement to any cure.

3. An excellent choice for women’s health

  • Flaxseed contains a lot of dietary fiber  and is one of the best known sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • In addition, flaxseed contains weak estrogen substances that can help you prolong your time with menstruation, while  increasing the body’s natural estrogen resources.
  • Furthermore, flaxseed is rich in a kind of plant chemical called lignin, which acts as a potent barrier against cancer of the breast, colon and lungs.

4. Promotes intestinal health and prevents constipation

  • As we have repeated several times, flaxseed with its high fiber content is good against constipation and helps  cleanse your intestines of harmful wastes and toxins that accumulate and alter your natural bacterial flora.
  • An important aspect to keep in mind, however, is that if you have diverticula, it is not good for you to ingest flaxseed.
  • Why? These small seeds can get caught in the small sacs that form in inflamed intestines and cause you a lot of trouble.

5. Better care for your skin and your hair

  • Finally, if you suffer from  skin problems  like psoriasis or eczema, flaxseed oil can help. Just smear it on every night and let it work with its magic while you sleep.
  • Do you suffer from dandruff during the day? You should not be sorry. The oil from flaxseed can also help relieve this troublesome and irritating condition. Just apply a few drops on your scalp with light circular motions.

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How to eat flaxseed?

  • Crushed : Just put your flax seeds in the coffee grinder to grind them. Ideally, you should add a tablespoon (25 g) to your breads, sandwiches, salads, juices, yogurts, soups, etc.…
  • It is a good idea to grind the seeds, for this opens their outer shell, and helps to release their natural properties and enzymes.
  • You can also use flaxseed that has been boiled in a cup of water. Simply add a tablespoon to boiling water and let it stand for a few minutes until the water is absorbed.
  • When you see that the water has become cloudy, it it clear. Drink it every morning and it will help you avoid getting constipated.

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