When Teens Lie – A Dreaded Situation

One of the things that parents worry about the most is when teens are lying.
When teenagers lie - a dreaded situation

Adolescence is a complex size as many behavioral changes take place at this age. Many parents worry about the problem when teens lie. So, here’s what you need to know about it.

One of the things that parents worry about the most is when teens lie, no doubt about it. There can be many reasons why a person lies. But in general , parents fear having to deal with it, due to the complex situation it is when the child moves through adolescence.

The first questions

What exactly does it mean to lie? Is not that telling the truth? Or to hide it? Should there be some hostility in not telling the truth, then will have to confront it? What happens when it is the parents who lie?

Are there big lies and white lies? Or do they all have the same value, even the most insignificant and harmless? These and similar questions are the ones we often ask ourselves when we end up in situations where a lie is possible.

Sometimes they come to us in a hidden way. Other times, teens’ lies lie in wait, just waiting to sneak up on you.

Mother with sad teenager

When teens lie – the role of parents

So why can’t parents talk to their children about this topic? How can they prevent them from lying? Just as children do not come with the stork, lies are not natural either. In fact, they have a knack for building a habit, a career.

Throughout childhood, children often confuse reality with fantasy, giving their imagination free rein. One could say that their stories may not be entirely true. But their intention is innocent, and that kind of play usually stops as the child gets older.

The problems begin when the child discovers that they can get something specific out of lying.

When teens lie – possible scenarios

Often the lies are due to the fact that there are strict restrictions in relation to what the parents allow. Or maybe it’s just guilt over problems with grades from school, or that you “accidentally” find a pack of cigarettes in their backpack.

Susana Molina Martin points out in 2010 that:

Education centers undergo a period in which they adapt to the new forms of interaction that take place in the student’s relationship to his or her surroundings.

In her research, she describes the imitation, or pretending, through youth. And she finds that it is a result of the child’s need to survive in their community.

Young man looking down

When should one worry about teenagers lying?

That you lie – when it happens infrequently – you should not worry about. Just make sure you know the difference, that this kind of behavior is the exception, not the rule. You will need to intervene if it becomes a habit.

Why the youth?

Youth is a time when the person is looking for his identity. One seeks for self-determination, independence, which can set one in opposition to one’s parents. There are so many situations where a teenager’s desires do not harmonize with those of the parents. So it’s the perfect situation to make lies happen.

In conclusion

When teenagers lie, it can be a sign that the young person is trying to find his way. That way, it can give them an identity.

Let us point out that the loopholes that lies provide often seem like the easiest way to get rid of something unpleasant. However, they are short-lived and can therefore easily be harmful.

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