Using Cinnamon For Gardening

Cinnamon is a type of spice that comes from Sri Lanka. Science has proven that this spice has wonderful properties that can be used in health and beauty care.
Use of cinnamon for gardening

Cinnamon is a type of spice that comes from Sri Lanka. Science has proven that this spice has wonderful properties and the use of cinnamon in health and beauty care is on the rise.

The use of cinnamon in dishes and desserts is well known because many people love its taste and aroma. Cinnamon also has a great effect when it comes to diseases such as cholesterol and diabetes.

But today we will focus on the not very well known use of cinnamon in gardening. This spice is extracted from the tree of the same name. Its versatility  can be an excellent remedy when it comes to making plants more beautiful.

Use of cinnamon in gardening

Using cinnamon for gardening is actually a really good idea

Shredded cinnamon can be used to treat several problems in gardening. You can achieve surprising results when you sprinkle it on your plant.

Since cinnamon is a natural fungicide, you can get rid of fungus and insects as well as protect seedlings  and help heal small damage by getting it on your plants. In addition, it is natural, healthy and economical, making it perfect for use in one’s garden.

1. Cinnamon protects plants from insects

Cinnamon is excellent for humans, but not for insects. So if you have ants or mosquitoes that plague your seedlings that you have just planted, then do not despair. You can get rid of them by using just a little bit of this spice.

To keep these pests under control  , simply sprinkle some of this spice around the plant,  or wherever else you want to remove these unwanted insects.

2. This spice removes fungus

Fungus is another enemy of plants. When you see traces of mold and fungus on your plants, just add a little bit of crushed cinnamon to them to prevent the mold or fungus from spreading or growing.

If the problem is very aggressive, then one will have to remove the fungus from the plant. If the fungus is in the soil, you can simply change the soil and the pot in which the plant is.

However, if the fungus is on the plant,  one can get a little bit of crushed cinnamon on it to stop the presence of the problem.

Likewise, if the fungus is in the soil, one can simply add a little cinnamon to it. Then one will be able to see that this is enough to restore the good health of the plants.

Get rid of diseases

When we sow fruits and vegetables, the last thing we want to see is diseases of the seedlings. It can deter healthy and beautiful vegetables and fruits from sprouting.

Seedlings or seeds can be attacked by fungal diseases. It may be caused by different types of fungus or by soil in a bad condition.

To avoid the direct consequences of this disease, simply add crushed cinnamon to the fertilizer or soil where the plants are.

4. Cinnamon for cut plants

If you are planting cut plants, you should not use chemicals to stimulate the hormones to form roots.

One can simply  get crushed cinnamon on the stem of the cut that one wants to form a root  when planting it and that is it.

This spice is the perfect solution and you save money by not having to buy expensive products to help plant your cuttings.

If you reproduce your plants by cutting off and have different types of problems with it that keep you from achieving good results, then there is a way to stop this. Below we will give you a powerful recipe for antifungal which has cinnamon as its main ingredient.


  • 1/2 liter of water
  • 2 bumped aspirin
  • 2 tablespoons crushed cinnamon (10 grams)

Course of action

  • Put all the ingredients in a bowl.
  • Let them stand for 12 hours.
  • After 12 hours, sift the mixture and pour the liquid into another container.
  • The cut plants are placed in the liquid for two hours.
  • Then the cuttings are planted in the usual way.

Aspirin will act as an agent that promotes the formation of roots, and cinnamon as an antifungal agent. If you have any liquid left, it should be poured out, as it cannot be stored after use.

5. Healing of damage to plants

If you have done too much pruning, or you have damaged or damaged your plants when removing seeds,  you can help them heal by getting crushed cinnamon on the damage.

This will prevent disease and further damage to the plant and it will promote the healing process of the plant.

All these tricks are great for use in the garden. Cinnamon is also a natural choice and it smells great.

Do not hesitate to apply it to your plants, because  you will be able to see how they grow stronger and healthier.

One should be sure to have encountered cinnamon at home as it can solve many of one’s problems associated with gardening.

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