The Many Benefits Of Time Alone

We have always been made to believe that loneliness is too wrong when it really is something that helps us grow and enables us to discover the best of ourselves. We all need time alone.
The many benefits of time alone

Did you know that there are many benefits to having time alone? 

You may not. The society we grew up in gives high priority to romantic relationships. If you are not in a relationship or you can not maintain one in the long run. If you prioritize time alone, you are quickly considered a person who fails in life.

All of this can cause serious problems. We can end up depending on how happy a partner is. E Counter that we live in constant anxiety looking for the person with whom we can meet society’s standards.

The benefits of time alone are many, though they are daunting


The cost of loneliness can be daunting at first. The consequences of choosing to be alone are exactly that: being alone facing surrender.

You are probably aware of how many people humble themselves to avoid losing the person they love. You have seen how much some tolerate so that the person who makes sense of their existence does not leave them.

When it comes down to it, they become empty and they do not know what to do. But the benefits of loneliness will surprise you.

Even though humans are social beings, that does not mean we have to depend on others to be happy or more definitely to live.

Some people are so addicted that they feel lost. They lack their own opinions and they attach so much to their partner that they stop being themselves.

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“Who am I?”, “What do I want?”, “What do I like?” These are questions, believe it or not, many people do not know how to answer. If they do, their response may well be what their partner is or what their partner likes, does or wants.

Thanks to loneliness, you can rediscover yourself. You can truly be yourself. 

You have camouflaged yourself, and you have ceased to be yourself because of a fear that is nothing more than that: an unfounded fear.

You do not need anyone else to live a good life; you only need yourself.

No one understands those who choose to have time alone

the loneliness nature

The price of loneliness is very hard to bear. After all, it will be hard to find people around you who support you. Many will believe that you are strange, that you have become a wild recluse, or that you have some kind of trauma.

Do not expect anyone to understand you. Be prepared for many people that you considered “friends” who want to distance themselves from you.

Moreover, you may find that when you distance yourself from them, they were not real friends after all. However, it is a good thing to discover.

When we are left alone and we make room for those we love or think we love,  we realize how much we have given them and how little we have compensated for it.

In addition, we become aware that  we  were at the helm of our relationships  and that as soon as we release the ship sinks.

Why did we assume this great responsibility? Why did we engage in relationships that were not entirely genuine or true?

The answer lies in our great  fear of being alone  . This confused our vision and made us give 100% of ourselves to those who gave just under 15% to us. The benefits of loneliness are many and important.

The importance of dedicating time to self-knowledge

Time alone to think things over

The above is a great discovery, but what is greater is when we realize who we really are. Because   even though we think we know ourselves, that’s not usually the case.

We live in a world full of noise. In this world,  banal conversations and hypocritical friendships abound and surround us. We press the “auto pilot” button and we go like zombies without tasting or experiencing life in its full essence.

The price of alone time is not as negative as it may seem because you open your eyes to the reality of both your relationships and yourself.

You will realize how much you did not know about yourself and how much time you need to let yourself know yourself better.

In addition,  you will also be aware that no one is obligated to fulfill your need for love because you can give it to yourself  .

The price of alone time is a great path that you understand that depending on whether someone has a heavy price: your happiness. The benefits of loneliness; do not knock it before trying it.

Photos courtesy of Luca Hollestelle, MarĂ­a Tudela, Austin Tott, Laura Williams.

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