Set Boundaries And Surround Yourself With People Who Make You Happy

Every day we have to deal with people draining our energy, so it’s a good idea for you to learn to set boundaries so they do not affect you too much.
Set boundaries and surround yourself with people who make you happy

Some people exhaust you, drain you of your energy and make you work hard when all you want is a peaceful day. Set boundaries and be free!

And interestingly enough, these saboteurs are found in almost every circle of acquaintances. They are in your family, among your friends, and even at work.

Sometimes they emit toxic behaviors without knowing it. They need you, they are looking for your support, advice so they can get air… These things could be understandable if their attitude was not always like that.

And this is where extortion and blame come into play.

Living with people like this is not always easy. But you absolutely need to know how to use appropriate respect to protect yourself while searching for people who inspire you and who bring happiness to your heart.

Set boundaries for exhausting people who are sources of daily stress

We are all constantly surrounded by different stressful situations.

But there is one thing you need to understand clearly. If someone exhausts you, suffocates and changes your emotional balance, it is because you are “permeable”.

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Each mind has its own level of permeability or tolerance, and this of course depends on the type of your personality.

  • Introverted people have a much lower tolerance for situations of constant social interaction. They need sufficient amounts of alone-time to “recharge” their batteries.
  • More outgoing people are looking for more stimuli, and generally tolerate more and enjoy talking to a lot of people as well as moving around in different environments and making plans.
  • But the problem arises when introverts and extroverts face these saboteurs of happiness, the types of individuals who are exhausting because they place themselves as a priority.

They drain you of their criticism, their obsessions, their constant search for problems that do not exist.

Believe it or not, a lot of your stress comes from interactions with other people, with people who expel you or stress you in other ways.

Set boundaries to avoid negativity

In these types of situations, the word “burn” begins to make sense. Think of your brain as an amazing network of neural connections. It is connected by tissues in which harmony reigns.

When you live through periods of continuous or chronic stress, this harmony is broken. Some areas of the brain are even lost:

  • The dendrites in your nerve cells at the hippocampal region of the brain begin to break down. This is due to a change in the neurotransmitters. Cortisol exerts a very negative effect on the brain.
  • Dendrites are the tiny little arms that connect the neurons together.
  • The greater the stress, the less connection to the hippocampal region. This is because a lot breaks, which disconnects.
  • Keep in mind that the hippocampus is the brain structure that stores memory and emotions.

We tell you all this to explain why in situations of anxiety or stress, people lose their concentration. It is also quite common to experience apathy and negativity.


Set boundaries and be less “permeable” to exhausting people

Learning to be less permeable in stressful situations is not easy. First of all, it’s because your own negativity sometimes blocks you. You feel defenseless.

But how can I react if the exhausting person is my mother? What if it’s my partner or my boss? These are undeniably delicate situations that take a lot out of you.

So let’s talk about a few simple strategies.

I will not let them affect me

You may have a friend or family member who constantly calls you to tell you about their problems. One way to resolve this is to respond to their calls every other day.

You need to avoid having a bad conscience when setting boundaries. They may get sour one, two, three times. But they will slowly begin to adapt to your personal boundaries.

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Find people who inspire you and who make your heart happy

If some of your family members or colleagues are exhausting for you, take a break by spending time with people who make you happy.

  • Life is about balance. So you have to work with compensation. One thing for another.
  • Exhausting people need to be kept at a distance. If you are committed to interacting with them, learn to set boundaries. Place yourself as a priority and protect your own self-esteem.
  • Try to devote 70% of your time to personal enrichment. For this, find people who are really worth spending time on who inspire you and who make you feel safe and positive.
  • You probably have some good colleagues. In your family, there is probably more than one person that you definitely worship.

And keep in mind that when there is love, there is no room for anyone to drain you because people who drain you do not love you. They consume your energy and even your health.

Set boundaries and be free!

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