Patience And Silence Are Both Good Qualities

Patience is something that one can learn and develop over time. Patience with oneself and with the world around one are both important qualities.
Patience and silence are both good qualities

Confucius said that a person who does not have the patience to deal with life’s small problems will also not be able to cope with big challenges.

Patience is a quality that not everyone has, but that everyone can learn.

Silence is another healthy trait. It goes hand in hand with patience – knowing when to be quiet and able to listen to others, and to also find a place where you can communicate with yourself in a calm inner environment.

Being quiet does not mean sabotaging yourself. Nor does it mean that one puts a lid on one’s opinions for fear of the consequences. This means that you are quiet about the things that are not worth complaining about, and that you listen to yourself when your feelings speak.

Patience and silence are two important qualities. It is vital for one’s personal development. We ask you to consider them as important aspects of your daily life.

Patience and silence

It can be said that patience and silence are two sides of the same coin.

An example of this comes from Native American culture. Author Kent Herburn has described this in books such as “Not Wolf Nor Dog: The Forgotten Trails of an Old Indian.”

In all his works , the importance of concepts such as patience and silence is evident. Here are some examples.

Indians and silence

The Lakota people belong to the Sioux tribes of North America.

The Lakota people believed in a connection to the invisible, to the unity that symbolizes union with other people, friends, family members, and loved ones.

  • This connection is formed through respect and more than any other silence. It is the most respected communication between two people. Here, silence does not just mean listening. It is a gift where one shares time and trust.
  • We often feel uncomfortable when we are with someone and suddenly become quiet. We would rather keep saying all sorts of stupid things.
  • We’ll have to change this setting.
  • There is nothing more magical than a group of friends having a good time, even when the silence appears. There is no obligation to speak, only to “be present” and to be united by the invisible bond that the Lakota people spoke of.
  • For Indians, silence is a trait in which they are aware of everything that is around them. It connects them to the earth, to nature, other people, the cycle of life and even themselves.

Patience, an art that can be learned

Hardly anyone teaches you that when you enter this world, things do not always happen the way you want them to. In the same way, no one can assure you that no matter how much you dedicate yourself to something, it will happen, or you will achieve what you hoped for.

They say that patience is “sacred”. But really , it is an art that is achieved over time. It is based on disappointments and the belief that life will teach one about strength.

Wild animals

Being patient requires more than anything else that you do not give up. If something does not happen the way you want it to, then you should not let go of your goals. Instead, be patient, calm, and confident.

  • Patient people know how to observe, think in silence and take part in their surroundings. They also know how to develop the intuition to find the best options and solutions.
  • The people who are unable to avoid the noise from outside, the negative thoughts and opinions of others and themselves will never reach their goal.
  • This is because patience requires that you also have a certainty of knowing what to avoid and what paths to follow.

If you have a dream, you have to work slowly and patiently towards it.
There is no point in pushing or giving up too soon.

With patience, you will always have the opportunity to achieve the things you dream of. You may not get them tomorrow, but then you will get them another day.

All this is worth the wait. This is because if you wait, you will develop other qualities: Endurance, courage, resilience and more than anything elseā€¦ Hope.

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