Learn About The Importance Of Crying (In The Right Way)

How often do you cry? Learn about the importance of crying in this article.
Learn About The Importance Of Crying (The Right Way)

  According to a study published in the journal  PsycNet, tears are a sign that something important is happening in your life. Learn about the importance of crying (the right way) in this article.

Being able to cry is undoubtedly a brave and relieving act, but also a revelation.

Experts in emotional psychology recommend that people take the opportunity to cry in moments of bitterness or great difficulty. But many people do not understand the meaning of crying.

The importance of crying

This emotional discharge is an act of “necessity.” It is not worth hiding, hiding or clenching your fists and holding back.

It is a relief that is therapeutic and liberating. Which allows you to release the things that plague your mind and hurt your heart.

In today’s article, we invite you to consider some of these aspects of tears and crying that you may not be aware of. We also recommend for the sake of your health that you never try to suppress this law of nature, something we inherited from our ancestors.

All the times I have cried the wrong way

It is true. Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to cry. Do not worry if this information worries or surprises you, because the truth is that no one teaches you much about emotional relationships, vital knowledge that can help you every day.

To understand the  importance of crying when it comes to people, consider the following interesting facts.

Japanese crying hotels

Woman crying

In you can find hotels like  Mitsui Garden or Yotsuya in Tokyo  where people can book one or more nights and simply cry or mourn.

  • We live  in a culture where emotions are often subject to restrictions. Where it is not appropriate to express extreme joy or  sorrow.
  • The Japanese are known for their high demands when it comes to work ethic and they adopt very strict family and social norms.
  • All of this can create extreme states of anxiety and stress that they may not know how to handle or release.
  • Thanks to these crying hotels, anyone who wants it can request a room and make use of it.
  • There are comfortable beds, handkerchiefs, relaxing baths, music and movies that guests can use to find relief. It allows them to mourn for as long as they need to, and to sob and scream if necessary.

The rooms are soundproofed and there is complete discretion.

  • After crying, they can go to bed and wake up the next day with more energy. Feel more comfortable, to the point that they are ready to make the necessary changes or reorganize their lives in a better way.

the importance of crying the right way

This interesting technique in Japan may be a safety valve, but it is not always appropriate. We humans have many instinctive behaviors, thanks to evolution, which connects us with those around us.

It is always better to cry in the company of another.

Woman crying

Common social actions like  crying and even yawning are highly empathetic.

Here’s an example: You’re out with your friends and one of them yawns. Soon the rest of you will do the same, without knowing why.

  • It is about the yeast supplying oxygen to the brain, but it is also an empathic behavior that is shared between those who have a close bond.
  • Crying, in a sense, is  an act that serves to unite people and warn them that something is happening.

Although many people cry privately because they are embarrassed or avoid attracting attention. Then the best thing to do is mourn with someone else.

  • Only then can you take advantage of the physical feeling of relief. On the other hand, you can take advantage of the comfort that a person close to you can provide with their embrace and good advice.

However, it is not always easy. Sometimes you can get scared or you just do not have the right person to help you comfort you without condemnation.

Regardless of this, crying is something that is necessary from time to time and it characterizes humans as a species. Every bodily function we have exists for a reason, so holding back your tears is not natural.

If you always try to hide your tears,  the negative emotions will just continue to accumulate.

Two hands tearing a heart apart

Make use of your tears and the relief they bring. Affindle yourself with your pain, release your sob, let your voice break with each spasm and then draw a long sigh.

Good people have wounded hearts

After this, your life will take on a different suit. Your brain will be more relaxed and you will be able to make decisions more clearly.

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