It’s A Gift To Have A Child

Children are often independent and headstrong. It can be difficult to educate them in a good way, understand their needs and communicate clearly. It is important that your children trust you.
It is a gift to have a child

Children are one of the greatest gifts we can hope to receive in this world. It is a privilege and a duty to educate them to become polite, socially conscious, and happy people. In this article we will talk about why it is a gift to have a child.

All children are precious and valuable, whether they are boys or girls. We should love them and bring them up on an equal footing.
All children’s personalities are different. It takes time and effort to get acquainted with your own child’s needs and desires. They will certainly be different from your own, and you must learn and accept that.

Children are never faithful copies of their parents. They have their own personality and voice. You need to teach them to be true to themselves while respecting others.

Here are some tips on how to raise your child in a healthy way.

How to tackle challenges and raise your child in a good way

You can use this advice no matter if you have a boy or a girl. No two children are alike and it can be detrimental to assume that they will be somehow alone because of their gender.

Here are some basic ideas that you can think of when it comes to raising your child.


Teach your child to be himself

One mistake that many families make is to get caught up in stereotypes about gender roles, as mentioned above.

  • Some people want their son to be the best football player, the smartest in the class or the bravest with the highest number of friends. This is not a good tactic.
  • Girls are often expected to be quieter and more sensitive than boys.
  • Let your child be what he or she chooses. Let them do what they want with their free time and let them create the dreams they want to achieve.
  • You do not have to point your child in a particular direction. Of course, you can suggest things, but let your child choose for himself. If they are interested in something they will probably mention it themselves.
  • Understand your child and remember that he is not a mini version of yourself.
  • You can introduce your child to the things you like yourself. But don’t push anything down over the heads of those they don’t even want.

Everyone has the right to be bored – both boys and girls

Sons are not born stronger than daughters. They also have emotions. For the most part, girls are allowed to cry while boys are looked down upon or scolded if they do the same .

  • Boys and girls both have a need to express their feelings. Let them cry if they need to.
  • It is important to educate your children to understand and accept their own feelings. Talk to them about how they are feeling and accept the answer they give. Build trust between yourself and your child.
  • Never make fun of the things they tell you. Respect their ideas, dreams, feelings and desires. If your child sees you criticizing or teasing him, he will most likely stop trusting you.
Mother and boy playing

You can easily give freedom and love at the same time

Children want to be independent, have their own space and develop their own identity alone, but at the same time they need love from their parents.

  • Show that you love your children, even if they sometimes need to retire or do not feel like talking. Parents sometimes forget that girls can also get angry and frustrated and need time alone. Similarly, boys can sometimes be bored and need to talk. Try to sense what your children need and respect it.
  • Set up ground rules and explain why it is important that they are adhered to. Give them responsibility for their own tasks and let them manage their own time as much as possible. Set consistent boundaries so your child knows what to expect .
  • Let them make their own decisions whenever possible. For example, let them manage their own pocket money instead of buying things for them.
Mother and sow - having a child

It is a gift to have a child, but it is also a challenge. The best advice we can give is that you should understand your child’s needs and make sure to give them the freedom to explore their own needs, feelings, dreams and desires.

Respect who he is and what he likes. Let him be independent so he can fight for his own dreams when he grows up. Let your child know that you will always be there to support him every day of his life.

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