It Happens To Your Body If You Eat Two Bananas A Day

Bananas are one of the most eaten fruits. Not only are they tasty, but they also provide great benefits to the body. We invite you to try eating two bananas a day and enjoy the health improvements!
It happens to your body if you eat two bananas a day

In addition to having a good taste, bananas are also very healthy. If you do not believe in this, try eating two bananas a day and you will see how your body responds.

In this article, we take a look at some of the many benefits of bananas.

Two bananas a day lowers blood pressure

Bananas are able to bring your blood pressure back to its normal levels. This is because they reduce high blood pressure thanks to the fact that they contain about 420 mg of potassium.

They reduce excess weight

Bananas are able to reduce excess weight thanks to their high fiber content, which means they satiate you longer.

Yellow bananas

Bananas are a food that contains resistant starch. This is a drug that reduces appetite and helps prevent you from continuing to gain weight. This starch can also help reduce blood sugar levels.

In addition, it increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin, which is very important. If the cells are not sensitive to insulin, they cannot absorb glucose. Then you feel hungry. It all depends on the fat buildup of insulin.

They reduce the chances of suffering from anemia

Bananas reduce the chances of suffering from anemia. Anemia is due to the lack of iron in the blood and causes extreme fatigue due to the reduction in the red blood cells and a low hemoglobin level.

Bananas contain high levels of iron and thus stimulate the formation of red blood cells. Plus, they are also a source of vitamin B6, which is responsible for regulating blood glucose levels.

They improve digestion

Bananas are able to improve your digestion. This fruit is easily digestible without irritating the digestive tract.

Bananas contain resistant starch, which is not digested. Thus, it reaches the colon to support the growth of healthy bacteria.

Overall, it is a kind of fruit that is recommended in case of gastritis or heartburn or eating after diarrhea because it restores the minerals that have been lost.

They reduce stress levels

Bananas will reduce your stress levels and improve your mood. Bananas contain tryptophan, a substance that the body needs to produce serotonin, which is known as the happiness hormone.

A banana also contains approx. 27 mg of magnesium, a mineral that is responsible for ensuring that we fall asleep, which is related to our mood.

Two bananas a day will give you plenty of vitamins

Bananas are rich in vitamin B6: a banana contains 20% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin B6. Thanks to this vitamin, the body can produce insulin, hemoglobin and the amino acids needed to create healthy cells.

Bananas cut into slices

Bananas also contain lots of vitamin C. In fact, a banana contributes 15% of the recommended daily intake.

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and is responsible for neutralizing harmful free radicals, that is, active molecules that destroy the body.

Thanks to the amount of vitamin C in bananas, it is very easy for the body to maintain healthy blood vessels and participate in the production of collagen.

They give you energy

The potassium content of bananas protects your muscles from cramps. The carbohydrates give our body energy for hard training.

Recommendations to keep in mind

The ripeness of the banana affects its nutritional properties. If you buy green bananas, know that they mainly consist of starch.

Ripe bananas on the plate - two bananas a day

As mentioned, starch is a polysaccharide of glucose molecules that releases energy little by little. The starch makes bananas difficult for the body to digest.

If you choose ripe bananas, they contain 90% sucrose and only 7% starch. Sucrose consists of one molecule of glucose and one of fructose. As a result, it is absorbed more rapidly and its effect on glycemia and insulin response is greater.

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