Intake Of Sugar And Salt: What Is Worst For The Body?

Excessive intake of salt and sugar has been associated with an increased risk of various chronic disorders. Some, however, wonder what is worst, excessive intake of salt or sugar. In this article you will get the answer.
Intake of sugar and salt: What is worst for the body?

For many years  , doctors have associated an excessive intake of sugar and salt with a wide range of diseases. In fact, experts today recommend that you limit your intake to get better health. However, some people still wonder what is the worst, excessive intake of sugar or salt?

For a long time, people saw salty foods and fats as responsible for a large number of diseases. However, as science and studies of food evolved, many of these thoughts have been put to death.

Nowadays, doctors associate many complex diseases with an excessive intake of sugar. So what’s worst? Below we will discuss this topic in detail.

Excessive intake of sugar and salt: What is worst?


Salt used to be associated with atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. The truth is that recent articles, such as the one published by the  American Journal of Medicine,  question its condition.

Salt is a necessary element in the life and transmission of nerve impulses. Unlike sugar, humans need to consume a minimum amount of salt so that the body can perform its vital functions properly.

In addition, the body is not prepared to synthesize it endogenously. You need to consume salt through your diet. In that sense, not getting enough salt can be associated with various complications, some of which are related to the thyroid gland and its disorders.

The problems that were previously related to salt intake are now associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity, a sedentary lifestyle and a diet rich in calories are risk factors for atherosclerosis. In addition, these unhealthy situations can change one’s blood pressure.

Salt in a salt shaker


This is one of the favorite ingredients of the food industry. Due to its taste and consistency, most processed products contain it. Although the WHO does not establish a minimum required amount of sugar, they  have  established a maximum recommended amount.

Sugar consists mostly of glucose, which is a necessary substance in life and the conversion of energy. However, it is a nutrient that the body can synthesize itself from proteins and fatty acids. It is therefore not essential.

Even when one considers that needs change in sports-related situations, the  population’s intake of sugar is now far above the recommended amount.

This increased intake is associated with an increased likelihood of  overweight and obesity. It is also a clear risk factor for many complex diseases, such as diabetes and some types of cancer, which were noted in a study published in the journal,  PLoS One.

Excessive intake of sugar and salt: What is worst?

Definitely sugar intake. This is because it is not an essential nutrient and its intake is linked to several diseases. It only becomes a necessary nutrient in situations related to sports, but salt is also a necessary nutrient in these cases.

It has many health benefits to reduce its intake of sugar or even to cut it completely out of its diet. First, diabetes would no longer be an endemic disease.

In addition, this would reduce the rates of obesity and consequently many related problems, such as heart problems. In addition to this  , it would reduce the likelihood of certain types of cancer related to the digestive system.

Sugar and sugar lumps on the table

How to reduce your sugar intake

One of the many problems you may encounter when trying to reduce your sugar intake is that your palate is used to it. It is best to start by trying to replace very sugary products with their sugar-free versions.

Then it may be a good choice to start making them at home without using sugar as a sweetener. Using fruits is an excellent way to make its dishes taste sweet. Although they contain sugar, they contain much less than regular sugar.

In the beginning, it will be really hard for you due to the fact that your palate enjoys processed food. Over time, however, your “need” to consume industrial products will disappear and you will be able to enjoy better health.

In any case, the truth as to how far it is worse to consume too much sugar or salt is that you should not consume any foods in excessive amounts. The best thing you can do is to consume all foods in moderation.

A varied diet allows a proper intake of sugar and salt. Perhaps these types of diets are the best choices to  combine health with enjoyment when it comes to food.

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