How To Protect And Clean Your Bladder

The bladder is an important organ that, like the kidneys, is exposed to too much during life. To clean out its systems well, we need to keep salt consumption down and drink plenty of water.
How to protect and cleanse your bladder

The process of storing and excreting urine is a dirty job that our bladder takes care of. Believe it or not, your bladder is also an organ that is very sensitive to diseases, inflammation, infections and even cancer. It is therefore really good to know how to take proper care of it. Read here how!

Prevention: How to protect your bladder

Almost everyone has tried to have a urinary tract infection. As we mentioned above, the bladder is a sensitive organ that is in constant contact with all the waste products and toxins that pass that way. It can easily react poorly to things in the urine and become inflamed.

Incontinence or a hyperactive bladder are both problems that can cause small changes in our daily routines – for example, forcing us to take more and more frequent trips to the toilet. At first it is just uncomfortable, but if you do nothing about it, they can develop into a chronic problem. We need to learn how to take care of our bladder: We need to know what foods and habits keep it healthy and well-functioning. And listen especially carefully when we now say the following; you should never ignore any bladder problems. More and more people are being diagnosed with bladder cancer. It is actually a cancer that is related to smoking! Harmful substances in tobacco infiltrate the walls of the bladder and can eventually create cancer cells. It can, if all goes wrong, end up destroying the bladder completely. Then you have to live the rest of your life with an ostomy bag.

So our first piece of advice is this: Stop smoking!

1. Detox every three days

Detox your bladder every three days

First and foremost, try to reduce your salt intake. It is the first step to protecting your bladder (and indeed your kidneys as well). Second step is detoxing! This means that you drink plenty of water every three days and avoid special foods to get the toxins out of the body. Follow these guidelines when you have a detox day:

  • Avoid coffee, sodas, and other sugary drinks completely.
  • Avoid large amounts of protein.
  • Try eating only fruits, vegetables, natural juices and water. Avoid meat (fresh or processed), sweets, and refined flour.
  • Drink two liters of water a day.

2. Cranberry juice

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Cranberry juice is without a doubt the best bladder cure. Many studies have shown that cranberries prevent infections and remove calcium deposits in the kidneys. Calcium deposits slow down the function of the kidneys and therefore cause an accumulation of toxins in the bladder. Lime deposits can also cause urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Therefore, it is really healthy to drink cranberry juice regularly.

Drink potassium-rich juices for breakfast

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You are guaranteed to wonder how you can get potassium from juice. It’s actually very easy. All you need is a carrot, a stalk of celery, two bunches of spinach, some parsley and a little water. You just throw it all in the blender and press start! It is a wildly nutritious and healthy juice that cleanses well in the system. It also contains a lot of energy so you get a good start to the day. You will love it!

4. Watermelon

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Watermelon is super healthy for the bladder. It is a diuretic, which means that it is diuretic and thus helps the substances to pass quickly through the body. Watermelon prevents infections and strengthens the kidneys. You can blend it into a juice or use it in a delicious summer salad. Watermelon is just right for any time of the day!

5. Chlorophyll

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Chlorophyll is a really good supplement. It helps your whole body, and not just your bladder. You can find chlorophyll as capsules at the pharmacy or in health stores. It is a natural substance that improves the body’s metabolic functions and strengthens the immune system. It removes toxins from the blood and provides lots of energy – Take it preferably five days in a row every month.

Taking good care of your bladder is simple, easy, and worth getting started on today!

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