How To Polish Your Windows Better

If you do not already know how to clean your windows, do not worry. This article provides some of the best tips for getting a shiny home.
How to polish your windows better

Every home is different and all people have different personalities and tastes. Therefore, many houses have several different decorations and styles. This also applies to glass and windows. Windows must be clean to look their best. How to polish your windows so that they are absolutely perfect.

Some homes may have glass walls, glass stones, or large windows that are difficult to keep clean. as you probably have noticed, there can often be bacteria or mildew on such surfaces. Cleaning the house is very important, so all corners and nooks and crannies must be inspected.

If you do not already know how to clean your windows, do not worry. This article provides  some of the best tips for getting a shiny home.

How to polish your windows better

Do you clean your windows often? If you want perfectly clean windows, you need to be methodical and learn the techniques that work best for you.

Before you begin, you can make your own a window cleaning kit. For this you need:

  • A cloth with microfibers
  • A spray bottle
  • Some dishwashing liquid

Once you have gathered these things, you can start working. How to polish your windows with the best technique:

Make your own set for plastering windows

Cleaning glass walls

Maybe you have walls or glass stones that are transparent to let the light into the home. They are elegant and give a unique look, both inside and outside the house. They collect a lot of dust and dirt so you can not just stop cleaning them. Therefore , they should have the same treatment as regular windows get.

Use these tips to get them perfectly clean:

  • Plaster each surface individually.
  • Use a cloth dampened with water and a little ammonia.
  • The ammonia helps to remove grease and dirt with a single stroke. It also gives the window a nice shiny look.
  • If your walls have decoration and it makes them difficult to clean, you can use a toothbrush for the corners. First, wet it with water and ammonia to keep it shiny.
  • To keep the joints between the glass stones clean,  scrub them with a toothbrush with soap. It recreates the original color.
  • Put a little bleach on the areas that are starting to get dark.
  • If you want a better finish,  first clean the joints, then the glass surfaces. This takes less time, and looks perfect.

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Tips for cleaning glass surfaces

There are many cleaners that advertise to make your home look perfect. Many people are allergic to these chemicals and some can damage your skin.

For this reason, it is a good idea  to make your own detergent with water, lemon juice, vinegar, dishwashing liquid or ammonia. In addition, here are some tips:

  • Do not use soap powder to clean glass surfaces as it may wear on the glass.
  • Sand glass gently,  it is delicate and can be easily scratched.
  • Wipe the surface with a clean, lint-free cloth after it has been cleaned.
  • You can use a mixture of water, vinegar and lemon juice to wash the tiles in your bathroom. The damp areas of the home are more prone to mold and fungus.
  • It is best to wash with circular motions, to make sure that you reach around the entire surface.
How to wash your cloths

When you have finished sanding your glass surfaces, it is important that you wash your cloths properly. Many people just throw them in the washing machine with their regular laundry and that can be a big mistake.

It is best to wash your washcloths separately from your clothes. You should also avoid using fabric softener. Rinse aid can keep them from drying out properly the next time you use them. Wash them either in the machine with a neutral washing powder, or wash them by hand with warm water and vinegar.

As you can see, every part of your home has its own tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning. Now you know how to make any glass surface, and your windows, look perfect and new.

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