How To Make Outdoor Lanterns To Decorate The Garden

Decorative outdoor lanterns can add extra light to areas that are usually dark in the evening. You can even make them from recycled materials.
How to make outdoor lanterns to decorate the garden

Want to learn how to make some beautiful outdoor lanterns to decorate your garden? The lighting in this part of your home is very important. Although natural light is best, it is good to have other sources of light in the evening.

Best of all, you do not have to buy lamps or lanterns from a store. With a little creativity  , you can make them at home with recycled materials. In this article we will give you some interesting ideas. Check them out!

Decorative outdoor lanterns: 5 ways to make them

Decorative candles have become more popular in recent years. This is because people want to use their gardens and terraces in the evenings. This place has actually become a common social place for family and friends, especially at special events.

Many people have therefore been looking for different ways to light it up in the evening and add a little decoration. Although there are plenty of options, some people prefer simple and romantic outdoor lanterns. We will show you some options below.

1. Handmade outdoor lanterns of cans

Example of outdoor lanterns of cans

To make these beautiful candles you just need a few cans. It is ideal if they are wider, both so that the lighting is better and for aesthetic reasons. Make sure they are properly cleaned!


  • First, paint the cans to make them nicer.
  • Then a template is used to draw a design on the surface.
  • Use nails and a hammer to make holes in the can around the entire template. If you can, you can use a drill as it is faster and easier.
  • Also make a few holes in the bottom if you want a hanging lantern. When it is ready, a string or metal wire is added so you can hang it where you want it.
  • Finally, a candle or a small light bulb comes inside.

2. Outdoor lanterns of paper bags

Rice paper is good for outdoor lanterns

A disadvantage of paper bags is that they break faster than other types. However, it is a good option for quick lighting for a special event. In addition, they make the surroundings romantic and beautiful.


  • You can actually buy bags in stores. However, if you prefer, you can make them yourself.
  • To do this, use some recycled paper bags, sand, scissors, pencil and some LED lights. Draw a design on the surface of the bag with the pencil.
  • Cut it out, but make sure you leave some space in the bottom of the bag to fill it with sand.
  • Finally, LED lights are put inside and the lantern is placed wherever you want it.

3. Lanterns of glass jars

Lanterns of glass jars

Another material that can be recycled and that can be very useful when making outdoor lanterns is glass jars. It  looks elegant and romantic when you add some different designs. Does this idea appeal to you? So let’s get started!


  • First, the glass jars are cleaned very thoroughly, and you get a handful of pebbles inside. If you want, you can also fill them with salt, lentils or another type of grain.
  • Then put a candle inside them. It may be the type that repels mosquitoes.
  • Finally, you can add different designs: You can paint them, put lace on or wrap a ribbon around it. You can also use strings to turn them into hanging lanterns.

4. Outdoor wooden lanterns

Lantern in living room

With some pieces of wood you can make beautiful outdoor lanterns. Because it is so versatile, you can actually make them in different shapes:  Squares, Rectangles, Triangles and many more. It all depends on your creativity.


  • Gather several pieces of wood with the thickness you prefer. You can even cut a board into several pieces.
  • Then shape the lantern and put the pieces together with nails or wood glue.
  • Cover the outside of the lantern with fabric or colored paper. However, keep in mind that paper will not last that long.
  • Finally, insert a candle or light bulb.

5. Lanterns made of fish bowls

Outdoor lanterns with starfish

Do you want more elegant and original lanterns? So do not hesitate to try this idea with fish bowls in glass. Because of their shape and size  , they are perfect for adding more light to specific areas of your garden.


  • Decorate the surface of the fish bowl as you wish.
  • Then put small stones, salt or a similar element inside.
  • Finally, place a candle inside and place the lantern in the desired location.

If you think your garden or patio is very dark in the evening,  try some of these beautiful outdoor lanterns. As you can see, they are easy to make and they give a very special touch to these areas.

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