How To Maintain A Healthy Digestion

By eating foods that contain fiber and maintaining a healthy flow of bile, you can help maintain a healthy digestion. But what else do you need to know about it? We will look at that in detail in today’s article.
How To Maintain A Healthy Digestion

An adult’s intestines contain the same amount of cells as they contain bacteria. More than 70% of these bacteria are in the colon and act as a form of organ by performing functions necessary for a healthy digestion.

As you can see, it is very important to be good at our gut flora in order to have a healthy digestive system. Read on to find out more!

To maintain a healthy digestion

Illustration of intestines for a healthy digestion

Fermentable fibers

Most of the bacteria in the colon are anaerobic and participate in the digestive process via the fermentation process. Fermentable fibers include pectin, mucus, fructans, resistant starch and polyphenols. These types of fermentable fibers are found in fruits, vegetables and tubers.

Bacteria produce short chain fatty acids from this fiber, especially butyrate, propanoic acid and acetate. These substances are essential for several functions,  such as:

  • The maintenance of healthy intestines in the form of acid regulation, energy substrate for the cells of the colon, production of mucus and antimicrobial peptides, etc.
  • Optimal function of the immune system such as control of inflammation and production of lymphocyte, etc.

In addition to providing the short-chain fatty acids, the fermentation process of fiber in the colon also supplies a certain amount of air, primarily CO2, while also hydrogen and methane. These make up a large part of the air that a person excretes daily. Other types of air, such as nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen sulfide, among others, complete the composition.

The fermentation process in the colon is therefore healthy and necessary for the health of our intestines,  despite the bad air.

The impact of bile on our digestive system

Bile is a yellow substance that is produced in the liver, is stored in the gallbladder and is released during the digestive process. Overall,  bile performs antimicrobial and digestive functions  by emulsifying fats so that digestive enzymes can digest them.

Most bile acids are eventually reabsorbed in the small intestine. However, a small portion is released in the colon. Once there, it can speed up the transit time and may even cause diarrhea when there is poor bile uptake. Likewise, people with irritable bowel syndrome or a predisposition to constipation may have a decreased flow of bile.

Tips for maintaining a healthy digestion

In addition to consuming fermentable fibers, which are present in fruits and vegetables, these tips can help maintain a healthy flow of bile in people with constipation, odorless air in the stomach or any other form of natural ailment. However, it is very important to first go to a doctor for advice.

It is also important to have a balanced stomach acid. Low hydrochloric acid production is actually associated with gallstones. You must therefore:

  • Eat when you are hungry
  • Drink freshly squeezed lemon juice before meals
  • Take supplements with Betain HCI if you need it

You can also add a few drops of standardized bitter foods, such as artichoke, milk thistle, bitter chamomile and bitter orange to your lemon juice. These plants promote the release of bile and can help in case of discomfort after eating. However, you should talk to your doctor before taking them.

Other tips to take care of your digestion

Lemon tea to maintain a healthy digestion

Drink coffee as the first thing in the morning before eating anything else. This is because its stimulating effect on the gallbladder can help your digestive system. However, you should not abuse it as it can lead to an addiction.

Eat a diet rich in healthy fatty acids, as the fat present in certain foods promotes the contraction of the gallbladder and can help maintain a healthy flow of bile. For example, if you have trouble getting to the toilet, try consuming more extra virgin olive oil.


If you are one of those people whose diet is very rich in fermentable fiber and you are often constipated, have odorless air in your stomach and your doctor has ruled out a disorder, then these tricks will help you stimulate your flow of bile. It may be the key to a healthier digestion.

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