How To Cook Your Vegetables Properly

How to cook your vegetables properly

Did you know that cooking your vegetables properly is just as important for your health as eating vegetables at all? Nutritional content and taste are related to the type of stew, spices and oil you use, and how you carry it.

In this article you will learn some easy and simple steps to utilize all the best in your vegetables.

What kind of oil should I use?

The first step is to choose a vegetable oil of good quality and which works well at high temperatures. Many oils lose their nutritional value or become toxic when heated. The best oil to use is coconut oil, but olive oil comes in at a close second.

Both should be cold pressed and organic oils are always recommended.

Other oils, such as sunflower oil and sesame oil, can be used to add flavor or to garnish finished dishes. While these are also healthy, they are not particularly good at cooking.

Which pot should I use for my vegetables?

Studies and research have shown that many pots, pans and other kitchen utensils can become toxic over time and release chemicals that then accumulate in our bodies. They can be difficult to remove and can make us seriously ill.

We recommend that you use pots and pans in stainless steel, cast iron, glass, ceramic or titanium. You should avoid aluminum, and especially pots and pans lined with Teflon, as many studies have shown that these contain carcinogens that can cause damage in the long run.

Various fruits and vegetables


When you cook your vegetables by steaming them, you retain all the wonderful nutritional properties present in vegetables, while allowing the vegetables to  better retain their color and texture.

Incidentally, it is a very caloric way to cook as there is no oil involved.


Another way to cook vegetables healthy and fast is by wok frying them with very little oil. If you have a real wok, the dishes will be even better, as this type of pan makes sure to fry the vegetables evenly, so that they have a crispy surface and at the same time retain their taste.

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Grilled or baked

These two options are also very healthy, and can ensure that the vegetables retain their flavor and nutritional properties. In addition, grilling or baking also gives your meals a delicious taste.



Some vegetables can be eaten raw, but others, such as broccoli or cauliflower, have a harder structure that makes this difficult. Marinades made with a mixture of healthy oils, vinegar, sea salt, brown sugar, lime and spices can help solve this problem. Let your vegetables marinate for about two hours to soften them – this makes them easier to eat and digest.

Let it draw

You can also let the vegetables soak in water and it can help improve your digestive system. Mix some different vegetables (such as carrots and beets) with mineral water or filtered water and salt (one teaspoon of sea salt per liter of water is recommended). Let it soak in a hermetically sealed container for at least two weeks. After opening, what you do not drink can be stored in the refrigerator.


Seeds from, for example, broccoli or leeks can germinate and turn into seedlings. You can use seedlings as a garnish in salads, soups, wraps or in other meals. Lay your seeds in a moist and warm place. Do not immerse them directly in water where they may begin to rot until the seeds begin to germinate.

All seedlings contain good nutrients and are rich in vitamins and minerals. They provide your body with plenty of healthy fuel.  As a bonus, they also give your meals a unique and original touch.



When cooking, always use sea salt and avoid other refined salts or table salts, which may lack important minerals.

You can also play with spices and add unique flavor variations to your foods; Ginger, cumin, dried peppers, oregano, fresh basil, dried tomatoes or chillies are great ideas for flavors that also aid in digestion.


If you want to include legumes in your vegetable dishes, we recommend that you always use a little kombu seaweed and cumin to better soften the legumes and aid digestion.

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