Fuller Lips Like That!

We all want to look beautiful all the time and the lips are an important part of our appearance. Read here how to get fuller lips in a completely natural way!
Fuller lips like that!

Everyone has their own shape and fullness in the lips, but over time, the lips tend to lose their fullness and firmness. Fortunately, it is not only cosmetic procedures and conventional beauty products that can help to get fuller lips.

In this article, we give you a few simple, homemade and natural tips so that your lips can get more fullness, firmness and color. In just a few days you will be able to see how perfect your lips look and how they will make your whole face look younger and more radiant.

Relax your lips and tone them to get fuller lips

One of the reasons why the lips become smaller or narrower over time is tension in the face,  especially in the mouth. When you are emotionally tense or stressed, you tend to tense your jaw and mouth, which over time will contract their muscles and make your lips look narrower.

Therefore, the first step to fuller lips is to find out whether to tense or relax the lips during the day. One can also dedicate a few minutes each day to relax and do the following exercise:

  • Close your mouth and tighten your lips well as you pull them towards your mouth. Hold this position for five to ten seconds.
  • Release the tension by inhaling deeply and then blowing the lips outwards.

Repeat this ten times and do the exercise two or three times each day.
After this exercise you will be able to see that the lips are fuller and redder. And this as a result of a completely natural method!

Red lips and white teeth

Ensure good circulation for fuller lips

There is another exercise that will help to give fuller lips by  letting the blood circulate well through the lips so that they get a beautiful color:

  • Make your lips vibrate by holding them close together without tightening. Exhale air through your lips to push them outward. When you make a “brrr” sound, it’s because you’re doing it right.

Children often use this as a play, but  this exercise will make the lips feel more alive in an instant after just 20 to 30 seconds of the exercise.

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Exfoliate the lips once in a while

Like any other part of the skin, the lips also accumulate dead skin cells. However, the skin on the lips is much more delicate than that on the rest of the body, and one should therefore take good care of it.

Therefore, we recommend exfoliating the skin on the lips, but only once in a while:  every fifteenth day or once a month is enough. 

The best method to do this is to use baking soda as it has a very fine texture. Mix it with a little bit of vegetable oil, such as olive, almond or coconut oil, and use this mixture to easily massage the lips and the contours of the mouth. It is best to exfoliate just before bedtime so that one does not have to go out in public and be red around the mouth.

After the massage, you should wash the mixture off with water and apply a little oil on the lip area, which you leave on overnight.

Woman with healthy skin and healthy lips

Keep your lips moisturized

The lips tend to dry out easily, which makes them look pretty awful, especially if you use lip liner. If you often have dry or cracked lips, you should read this tip extra carefully!

You can moisturize your lips every morning and night with a completely natural product. It can be a specific lip balm, but you can also use something as simple as  vegetable oil or pure cocoa butter. 

When making a natural face mask, you can also care for your lips with some of the following foods:

  • Avocado
  • Yogurt
  • Honey

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Learn to massage your lips

When you moisturize the lips, you can also take advantage of massaging them to get the following benefits:

  • Improve lip moisture
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relax the muscles in the lip area
  • Give the lips more color and fullness
  • Make them shine and look more attractive

How to massage your lips?

When the lips are well moisturized, you should cover the entire mouth with one palm and bring the hand out to one side in a horizontal motion, so that you not only massage the lips, but also the area around them, which also often contains a lot of tension and where wrinkles will mostly occur.

Then repeat the movement with the other hand. Repeat 10 times with each hand.

In other articles we have talked about how to learn to massage your whole face. If you have time, we recommend that you massage the entire face, as this will improve the appearance of the face, the structure of the skin and it will help you naturally prevent wrinkles.

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