Four Reasons Why You Feel Lonely And The Solution

Although in some cases we may confuse the two things of being alone and feeling lonely, it is not the same. Sometimes we feel and believe that we are alone when we are not in reality.
Four reasons why you feel lonely and the solution

You may feel lonely in certain circumstances and situations when in reality you are not alone. If you look in the mirror and around you, you can see that you are not alone at all.

When we feel lonely, the void can take over. You may be afraid of not having anyone by your side. In turn, this can make you behave in ways that instead of helping you make things worse.

Therefore, today we see four reasons why this is happening.

1. You feel lonely because you are single

Having a partner seems to be crucial in today’s society. When you are single, everyone will encourage you to go further… basically any kind of advice to resolve your “single status”.

But what if you do not want a partner right now? Does that mean you have to feel lonely?

The answer is no at all!

If you feel lonely, it’s because you’ve been hit by beliefs like, ‘I’m nothing without a partner,’ ‘I’m not getting younger,’ or ‘I want to be single forever.’

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Feeling lonely because you do not have a partner leads you to trust another to be happy.

You must learn to be happy and at peace with yourself without anyone by your side. Your happiness does not have to depend on other people.

2. You do not follow the same path as everyone else

This is strongly related to the previous point, if we do not do what everyone else does, like having a partner, then we feel lonely. But not only lonely, we also feel lack of support and feel misunderstood.

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You may feel lonely when you are not following the same path as everyone else, but you should not! Self-esteem and confidence are fundamental to feeling comfortable.

Your life is a blank canvas. It does not matter if you were born in a culture or a society where most people act in a certain way. You have to live the life you want, the life that makes you happy, even if it does not fit what other people are doing.

3. Your friends disappear when they get a partner

What tends to happen when a friend finds a new partner? Well, they tend to disappear and neglect their friends. Until the relationship is over, it’s really hard to get them to meet. This happens much more often than most people want.

To get through this, especially if you have few friends, make sure you keep doing the things you do with your friends even when they are not there.

You can still go out for a cup of coffee alone. You can still go to the cinema alone. There is no need to feel lonely. You still have the best companion: yourself.

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Society often relates to doing certain activities with other people. However, you can still enjoy them on your own. That way, you get to know yourself better and learn to enjoy life without being dependent on other people.

4. You are trying to fill a gap

If you feel lonely for one of the above reasons, it is most likely that you are looking to be with other people because you have a “void”, you are missing something. For example, your parents may not have given you much love and you should feel loved.

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Then later in adulthood you try to fill the lack of love with other people’s attention. But if they disappear from your life, you will feel lonely again. Clearly, this strategy is not working.

If you feel lonely because you need other people to fill the void you cannot fill in yourself, it is important to work on improving your self-esteem.

Go out and see a professional who can help you figure out what things you need and how you can give yourself love. Then you do not need to trust other people.

Understanding all of this to avoid feeling lonely is a long process. However, it is the only way to be truly happy without being dependent on others.

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