Benefits Of Bananas For Athletes And Athletes

Bananas taste great, but they also have a wide range of benefits for you who practice sports.
Benefits of bananas for athletes and athletes

There are many benefits to bananas in terms of health. Maybe you want to know what good properties this fruit has for athletes? You can find out more in this article!

For athletes, there are countless good things about bananas. This is actually why the fruit is so popular among those who exercise daily or practice some form of sport. This is due to the high nutrient content as they are a source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

But what exactly is it that makes them so good?

First of all, bananas are a very versatile fruit. You can eat them as they are, or add them to your smoothies or breakfast. Thanks to their composition, they are also ideal for improving the quality of your diet.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

Bananas are a source of carbohydrates

Sugar is a natural part of the composition of this fruit. Therefore, it is  a good source of energy for athletes. Depending on their maturity, these sugars may have a higher or lower glycemic index. Therefore, you can eat a ripe banana before your workout or an even more ripe one in the middle of your workout.

The carbohydrates in this fruit allow you to replenish your glycogen stores once your workout has begun. This is explained in this article from the journal  Nutrients. When muscle glycogen is recharged during exercise, it can, among other things, delay the feeling of fatigue. It can also help reduce the risk of muscle damage.

Woman making smoothie with banana

Bananas are a very versatile food that can be eaten alone or in shakes. They help replenish your glycogen stores.

They contain potassium

Athletes need a diet rich in sodium. If you do not get enough, it can lead to salt deficiency and it can be dangerous. Therefore, they must  constantly replenish their salt concentration before, during and after their workout. The downside of this is that too much of this mineral in your diet can raise your blood pressure.

To even out this ratio, increase your potassium intake, another study published in the journal Nutrients shows  .

For this purpose, bananas are excellent. You may not be aware of it, but this fruit is known for its high mineral content. In addition to regulating blood pressure , potassium in bananas helps prevent electrolyte imbalance during your workout.

And as if all of this were not enough benefits of bananas, the fruit also reduces the risk of muscle cramps.

Benefits of bananas for athletes, before and during training

If athletes are to take full advantage of bananas, they  must eat them before and during a break in the middle of their workout.

Why? Because professionals recommend that you meet your glycogen sources and keep your glucose level stable before any workout. As mentioned earlier, bananas fulfill both of these two purposes.

You need to provide your body with regular supplies of carbohydrates when you begin your workout session, especially if it lasts longer. That way, you build up a reserve of glycogen for muscles and liver, and it delays that you become exhausted. As you can see, bananas are a powerful ally in that kind of situation.

The fruit you eat before you start your workout should not be too ripe at all. But the one you eat during the break should be more mature. This is because too much fiber at this point can interfere with digestion and lead to stomach discomfort.

Woman stretching outside

If you want to eat a banana before you start your workout, it should not be quite ripe.

Benefits of bananas make them perfect for athletes

In short, many people like bananas because of their lovely taste and texture. So their nutritional benefits for athletes are just a plus. It is common to see athletes eating them before, during and after exertion.

The bananas’ carbohydrate content also contributes to a stable level of glucose in the blood. At the same time, these nutrients also help maintain the glycogen stores in the muscles and liver.

As we mentioned earlier, bananas contain a significant amount of potassium. This mineral ensures the balance of electrolytes in an athlete. In addition, it helps regulate blood pressure so that it does not rise as a consequence of the high sodium intake.

As the latter, bananas also have so-called organoleptic properties and, as we wrote earlier, they can be ingested in liquid form as a shake or even spread on a piece of bread. There are plenty of recipes for delicious snacks where this fruit is the main ingredient.

So what are you waiting for? Eat more bananas!

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