8 Foods To Boost Your Immune System

Your immune system needs to be 100% all year round to be able to fight infections and other health problems. Strengthen it by making these foods a part of your diet.
8 foods to enhance your immune system

Maybe you only think about strengthening your immune system in the winter. However, you need a strong and healthy immune system all year round. In this article, we will get into how you can improve your immune system.

Along with staying away from stress and sleeping better, what you eat also plays an important role in preventing diseases from entering the body and developing.

Today we will tell you what foods you should add to your diet to avoid getting sick and boost your immune system.

You can improve your immune system through food

The skeleton that stops bacteria

The foods we eat have a huge effect on our immune system, both for the better and the worse.

If we eat a diet high in  refined flour, fat and sugar, our immune system will probably be weakened  and allow viruses and bacteria to enter.

On the other hand, if we eat healthy foods, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, our body will prepare itself to fight microorganisms that produce diseases.

Besides controlling our weight, it will also let our immune system work better if we eat less fat.

What foods should you eat to improve your immune system?

Eating healthy is good for us for many reasons. But especially if we want to avoid getting sick.

A balanced diet provides our body with the vitamins and minerals it needs  to fight cellular aging and free radicals.

At the beginning of each season, you should get ready and make the necessary reservations to strengthen your defenses and not get sick.

Foods that need a place in your diet if you want to avoid flu, colds and sore throats (among other diseases) are:

Royal Jelly

This is what only the queen bees eat in the honeycomb. It contains a lot of vitamins, especially A, B, C and E.

Jelly Royal also contains copper, iron and phosphorus. If that were not enough, it would also give your body selenium, unsaturated fatty acids and calcium.

It also helps  prevent infections  and is  especially recommended for children and the elderly.

  • Eat a tablespoon  every morning on an empty stomach  without any other foods.


Your grandmother probably asked you to drink ginger tea to help with the symptoms of the flu or a stuffy nose. She actually made no mistake!

This root is often used in Asian cooking. And it’s very good for you. Therefore, ginger has been a  part of natural medicine for centuries.

Ginger works by  helping to fight infections and improve cellular health  due to its antioxidants.

To enjoy the benefits of this root you can sprinkle it on your food or make a tea.


  • 250 ml of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger (2 grams)
  • 1 tablespoon honey (25 grams)

Course of action

  • Heat the water. When it boils, add the ginger.
  • Let it cook for 5 minutes, remove from the heat and cover.
  • Sift it and make it sweeter with a little honey. Drink it as hot as possible.


This is another substance that has been used by bees in their daily lives (in this particular case, it is used to cover the hive).

Propolis is a food that is  very rich in amino acids, vitamins, essential oils and bioflavonoids. All of this means that it is great for keeping viral and bacterial diseases away.

Propolis is recommended in case of frequent breathing problems, or when one’s immune system is down for some reason (it can be a family problem , a lot of stress, depression, etc.), and one is more susceptible to getting sick.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup

Here is another home remedy that our grandmothers gave us when we were little and had a cold.

Warm chicken broth or soup  has the ability to relieve a stuffy nose and make it more comfortable when we have a cold.

As it causes the body temperature to rise, it loosens up in any mucus. It also  keeps us hydrated.


Yogurt contains various “good bacteria,” which are responsible for  regulating the intestinal flora, while also protecting our immune system.

Along with yogurt, we recommend eating kefir or other fermented foods. The probiotics found in these products  fight viruses and bacteria.

Green tea

The most common tea in Asia gives one’s body antioxidants called polyphenols. They  have the ability to strengthen one’s immune system.

The catechins (another ingredient in tea) can destroy a cold virus. To enhance the power of green tea, we recommend adding a little honey.



One clove of garlic a day keeps the doctor away! Have you ever heard that?

Along with a characteristic and strong taste and aroma, garlic contains sulfur compounds, such as allicin. They  strengthen our immune system.

One can use it in all sorts of recipes and enjoy its powerful ability to fight flu, colds and sore throats.

Spinach can help you improve your immune system.

It will make you strong as Skipper Fright and also make sure that you do not get sick.

Spinach is a super food that you can eat in several different ways: in pies, smoothies, as fillings and salads…

This tasty green leaf is an excellent  source of vitamins C and folic acid. This is why it will improve your immune system and repair your cells.

There is even more: it keeps your body hydrated and increases your energy level.

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