6 Techniques For Controlling Stress And Anxiety Without Medication

To keep stress from having negative consequences on your health, you should also consider your friendships or toxic relationships that may increase feelings of anxiety and discomfort.
6 techniques to control stress and anxiety without medication

Stress and anxiety affect each of us physically and emotionally. We all have more or less of it, and for some it is a big problem. Do not feel like taking medication? So take a look at these techniques.

Live in the moment to take control of your stress and anxiety

Depression is caused by too much focus on the past, stress / anxiety over the present and fear of the future.

To reduce stress and anxiety levels, you may need to change your daily habits completely.

Find out what situations you feel disturbed by. You need to clearly identify what is bothering you from within and start setting new priorities.

Live each day one at a time without worrying too much about your future goals. Trust yourself and let some of the journey be a random one. As if it were a piece of music, live life and enjoy the magical life, without planning every single step you take.

It is important to have an agenda and keep an eye on your many commitments of course. But when you plan too much, it only adds a burden and a sense of excessive duty.

2. Learn to unplug it

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A hallmark of stress and anxiety is that people have the bad habit of taking their work problems home with them. You need to learn to pull the plug and stop thinking about work when the day ends.

This will help you enjoy your family more and contribute to a much more comfortable climate at home.

Worry and anxiety will only generate discomfort among your family members. In addition, children will mimic your behavior and suffer from the constant tension.

You need to tone down the things that are causing your anxiety. The world continues to turn, with or without you.

Exercise to combat stress

An excellent remedy for stress is, of course, exercise. A good training session will help you to:

  • Clear your mind
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Create a sense of calm and well-being
  • Balance your excess energy
  • Help you unplug it for a few hours
  • Release joyful endorphins

The duration of the exercise can vary between 10 and 30 minutes, with 30 to 60% intensity based on your abilities.

We recommend certain sports with rhythm, such as swimming, running, cycling, hiking, etc.

4. Visit a professional

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Stress is something that can be controlled. A little stress serves to keep you alert and is tied to old hunting and survival instincts. It also provides extra energy and increases breathing to provide more oxygen to your brain.

If you feel mentally overwhelmed but or unable to control your anger and have great anxiety, it is a good idea to visit a psychologist.

A good professional will help you create personal guidelines to evaluate and develop more appropriate response behaviors in situations of stress and anxiety.

Do not hesitate to ask for help and let yourself be helped: You have nothing to lose and your health will also benefit from it.

5. Choose your company carefully

If your life is filled with intense demands that cause stress and anxiety, we recommend that you choose friends who do not increase it.

Enjoying good company during a leisurely activity, such as hiking, walking on the beach or just being outside, can soothe your excitement.

Everyone has heard of “toxic people.” Therefore, you should choose friendships that contribute to positive values ​​and do not bring you down even further.

6. Rest well

Happy people - stress and anxiety

Recharging your energy every day is essential. Get as much rest as your body needs. Sleep is restful and contributes to greater clarity and performance.

It is important that your rest days are of high quality. Do not look at your mobile phone and sleep in a room with low light and noise.

A simple and very effective trick is to use earplugs.

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