6 Foods That Can Lead To Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be very painful. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid the foods that can lead to their formation and increase your water intake to promote their elimination.
6 foods that can lead to kidney stones

Kidney stones are solid fragments that are very small and cannot come out by themselves. They get stuck in the urinary tract, causing a lot of pain. Learn about the foods that can lead to kidney stones in this article!

They can be caused by many factors.

Either way, a good diet is essential to prevent the formation of kidney stones. In addition, it helps you to be able to get rid of them more easily if they are already in your body.

After all, “ an ounce of prevention is worth a pound in healing.

This is why we will tell you what foods to stop eating if you are prone to kidney stones or have had them in the past.

You should try to avoid these foods or consume them with caution, especially if you are prone to kidney stones.

Let’s take a look at them.

Foods that can lead to kidney stones

Coffee can be bad and excessive use can lead to kidney stones

1. Caffeine

Coffee is the star of the morning. But while it may help you wake up in the morning or get your work done in the office, it also carries health risks.

One of its effects is that it makes your kidneys work harder and increases the chance of getting kidney stones.

Caffeine is not only found in coffee, but is also found in tea and soda.

These drinks increase the calcium levels in the urine and can cause kidney failure in the long run due to their stimulating effects.

2. Red meat

Red meat can lead to kidney stones

Animal-based protein and fat are associated with the formation of kidney stones and kidney damage.

If your diet contains too much red meat, you should know that the components of red meat are difficult for the body to get rid of.

This food is also rich in uric acid and purines. When these levels are too high, you may get arthritis or kidney stones.

Other foods high in purines are asparagus, beans and cabbage. Try not to eat too much of these in a short period of time. This can help you prevent kidney stones due to the accumulation of uric acid.

Artificial sweeteners

We use them to sweeten our desserts and teas. They are in light sodas and we can find them in many low calorie foods.

Although we may think they are better for us than sugar, they have many serious side effects, including kidney stones and worsened kidney function.

4. Salt

In general, we consume too much salt and this can also lead to kidney stones

One of the most common problems in people’s diets is their sodium intake.

Even if you do not add it to the food you cook yourself, then prepared foods contain way too much sodium. It is even found in sweets!

Eating too much salt promotes fluid retention and the formation of kidney stones. Your body cannot get rid of all the excess sodium which ends up being stored in the kidneys.

In addition , it increases blood pressure and contributes to weight gain.

Seafood can lead to kidney stones


People predisposed to kidney stones should avoid foods high in oxalates. This organic compound contributes to sodium and calcium accumulation in the kidneys.

Foods that contain the most oxalic acid are seafood, but they are not alone.

Leafy vegetables, chocolate and walnuts also contain a good amount.

It is also a good idea to reduce your consumption of peanuts, bran and beets if you want to prevent kidney stones.

Celery and liver also contain a small amount.

Keep in mind that you should not exceed 50 mg a day.

To reduce oxalate absorption, you should eat calcium-rich foods. When both are consumed, they pass more easily through the kidneys.

6. Dairy products that can lead to kidney stones

Dairy products are an important and very common part of people’s dietary habits.

These foods are rich in calcium and necessary for the growth and strengthening of your bones. But they are not good for people who tend to get kidney stones.

Consumption of milk, yogurt or cheese increases the elimination of calcium via the urine, and it makes the removal of kidney stones and waste more difficult.

Since a lack of calcium in your diet is associated with a higher risk of kidney stones, moderate consumption is recommended.

In other words, do not remove calcium from your diet, but try to get it in many different forms such as almonds, for example.

What should I eat to prevent kidney stones?

Drink plenty of fluids to avoid kidney stones

Now that you have a list of foods you should stay away from, let’s take a look at the foods you SHOULD eat.

In addition to following a healthy diet and maintaining healthy habits (including exercise, not smoking, and sitting down less), we advise you to drink at least 12 cups of water every day.

Although the known amount is 8 cups a day, people with a tendency to kidney stones should increase their intake.

If you drink 12 cups of water a day, you produce 8 cups of urine. Water not only has a low sodium content, but also helps remove waste that accumulates in the urinary tract.

If you do not like to drink water for themselves, you can get it in smoothies, juices and teas. You can even add a little lemon or another fruit to give it a special flavor. That way, you also feed your body with much needed nutrients.

Remember that coffee, alcohol and soda do not count!

Now that you know which 6 foods can lead to kidney stones, then you can be careful with your diet!

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