5 Behaviors That Predict Problems In A Relationship

We can not try to imagine that our partner will change if we have never told him that we are getting annoyed by his behavior. Instead, it steers our relationship toward failure.
5 behaviors that predict problems in a relationship

Sometimes, when a relationship fails, we ask ourselves questions like, “Why, when everything went so well?” Here you get 5 behaviors that predict problems in a relationship.

But are you sure everything went well? Today we will discover some behaviors that can help predict failure in a relationship.

Relationships do not fail overnight for no apparent reason. There are some behaviors that we have probably performed without realizing how harmful they are.

Let’s take a closer look at what they are.

1. Criticize your partner

Couple scandalized

One of the first behaviors that can help predict failure in a relationship is when we criticize our partner for how they look, drive, the clothes they wear, how they talk, and so on.

Our criticism has a goal: To change the other person. This is something that never becomes possible, but is an attempt to manipulate the other person and change them into one they are not.

In order to have a healthy and solid relationship, the partners must accept each other completely for who they are.

If we do not like them for who they are, we have two options: accept it or leave them. It is never an opportunity to criticize them.

2. The other person insults you

Does your partner make fun of you? Does he or she occasionally humiliate you? If this is how you feel, but you do not tell them, do nothing to resolve the issue.

At times, our partner may in a way make us feel bad, but we go through it in the name of love.

The most likely cause is that we suffer from emotional dependence. Because of that, we do not know how to say, “I will not tolerate this; I’m leaving you. ”

It is important that you remember that you must have respect in a relationship. If not, this will no doubt be another of the behaviors that predicts the failure of your relationship.

3. It’s always the other person’s fault

Couples are unfriends

Among all the behaviors that predict a breakup in a relationship, this is one of the clearest. This is when the blame is always placed on someone else, which means the person never takes responsibility.

Let’s imagine a woman blaming her partner for putting his feet on the table. She blames him for it when in fact they have been together for two years and she has never told him to take his feet off the table.

Who is really to blame here?

It is very easy to put the blame on someone else, and not just for things like this, but for other things that we are not aware of.

The woman should have made it known from the start that she did not like it, but instead she tried to get her partner to “guess” that it was something that was bothering her.

This attitude is not correct and the woman should take responsibility in the situation so that she can learn from it and apply this lesson to future problems.

4. Silence and indifference

There is a type of attitude that is rather toxic and whose intent is to manipulate the relationship. In this case, we are talking about silence and indifference.

Actions such as blaming or criticizing can make someone choose to be silent and not care about “punishing” their partner.

This attitude tries to get the other person to submit, in addition to treating them without the slightest bit of respect.

When our partner tries to punish us for saying what we believe or what bothers us, and they punish us with silence, then it’s time to leave the relationship.

5. Our partner forces and demands things

Couples who are unfriends - problems in a relationship

This has a lot to do with the unconditional acceptance that we talked about in the beginning.

Forcing and demanding certain things from our partner is one of those behaviors that predicts relative.

We can not force and demand anything from our partner. They are a free person that we must respect without making any attempt to manipulate them with our whims.

If this happens in your relationship, reconsider it. Manipulative attitudes are very toxic.

Have you experienced this type of behavior that can predict negligence? By detecting them in time, you can put an end to the situation before it causes even more damage.

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