11 Really Beneficial Tips For Organizing Your Home

It may seem confusing, but it pays to clean up your home.
11 Really Beneficial Tips for Organizing Your Home

Do you feel that your home is always cluttered and disorganized? If so, follow these tips to help you organize your home.

Sometimes organizing your home can seem like an endless task. No matter how much you clean up, you will often find that things get messy again quickly and that your home is always disorganized.

There is no one simple strategy to organize the home, as it all depends on the personality. But some tips are the key to it all. By using them you can get your home organized.

Before you start organizing your home

The first thing you need to do is find out which areas of your home annoy you the most. Analyze them thoroughly and think of possible solutions. Do not try to organize your entire home at once. Set aside some time for each area. Keep track of them one by one, even if it takes you several days.

It is also important that both you and your family are persistent in the decisions you make so that you do not fall into the same trap of having a disorganized home. With these recommendations in mind, you can start using the following tips to organize your home.

1. Do not store things you do not use

Man closes cardboard box with tape

Cabinets are often filled with things you have “for safety’s sake”. If there is something you do not use, then it’s time to dump it.

You probably have lots of things you no longer use that are packed together in the closet or in cardboard boxes. This is often because you hope that you will use them again or that they are associated with good memories. Books, decorations, papers, old clothes or maybe records you no longer listen to because we now often only hear music on the mobile phone.

All of these things that you no longer use but store somewhere take up space that you could use for something else. If something is in a box or cupboard, it will stay there for a long time and take up space.

You only see it every time you try to clean up your home, and then you store it again for months or years. Therefore, it is best for you to just throw it out.

If someone gives you gifts or you buy something new for yourself, immediately throw something else out. Give it away or throw it away if it is no longer needed. Do not keep it “for safety’s sake”.

2. Put things in the same place to organize the home

A fixed place for keys can be smart

Be sure to put your keys and wallet in a safe place.

Many items come into your home every day. From keys and wallets, to shopping, mail or bags. Find a suitable place for it all, whether it’s something the family takes with them when they go. For example, place a key holder by the door or a shelf for mail and a leaf holder for leaves. Do not let it all be stacked on a table or chair.

3. Sort things by how much they are used

Organize your closets and drawers in an intelligent way. Make sure the things you use daily are at hand. You can store what you rarely use on the shelf in the closet that you can only reach with a chair.

If you store the things you rarely use, with the ones you use often, then you probably need to take it all out when there is something you need.

4. Divide your drawers and shelves to organize the home

By dividing the drawers, you can get more out of them

By dividing the drawers, you can more easily keep them in order.

Do not store all your belongings together in drawers and shelves. Use dividers to keep things separate. That way, you get more out of the space and avoid things piling up.

5. Do not let things pile up on the tables

Messy desk

People tend to fill tables with things they plan to remove later. It just never happens.

One of the most common temptations is to put it all on a table. Although the intention is that it should only be temporary, the table still ends up always being cluttered. Make it a rule that this must not happen. If that doesn’t work, you have to block your tables somehow.

Julie Isaac, who makes the blog, Our Uncluttered House, recommends placing plants or small ornaments on the tables. Or maybe even having your dining table constantly covered with plates and silverware so you don’t get to stack things on it.

6. Do not buy storage boxes until you have thrown away everything you do not need

Before buying a box or anything else for storage, make sure you have already thrown out what you do not need. Because if you have more storage space than you actually need, you will probably save a lot of unnecessary things. This will create a new problem for your organization.

7. Assign tasks to get the home organized

A calendar is good when organizing the home

Planning tasks in the home is a great way to make sure your home is always clean and tidy.

If the family does not already help you with the work at home,  you can delegate cleaning tasks to each family member. So one has to clear the table, another has to wash up, and a third has to put in place.

One cleans the bathroom while another handles the kitchen. In addition, everyone is responsible for their own room, and for saving their own beds.

You must enforce this rule. If one family member does not follow along, the others may find an excuse for not doing their part.

8. Clean things up after you have used them

A convenient but bad habit is to leave things for later. The problem is that “later” never comes. Therefore, you need to get your kids to clean up their toys when they are done playing. Do not let them leave their plate on the table when they have finished eating, and wash your cooking utensils when you have finished cooking.

The tasks you give to each family member should be done immediately, not later.

9. Do not allow hangers to pile up

Hangers can easily pile up in the closet

Many hangers just take up space in your closet that you could use for storage.

Every time you pick up clothes from a cleaner or buy a new one, you often get a hanger to hang it on. So without you noticing, you get more hangers than clothes, and your closet gradually becomes more tightly packed. Return the hangers to the dry cleaner’s or put them in the recycling bin.

10. Do not use the garage or attic to store everything

Do not use the garage as a landfill if you want to organize the home

Garages and attics are also usable places, which is why you should not just use them as “landfills”.

If you live in a house with a garage or attic, then it is common that you think you will always have space there for storage of the things you do not use. With that thought, you get to fill them up and turn them into disorganized places that you don’t want.

You simply have to get rid of the old stuff that we explained above. Your garage and ceiling are also part of your home. So do not turn them into storage spaces.

Set aside one day a year to organize the home

Even if you use the best strategies to keep track of your home,  clutter will inevitably re-emerge. This is despite the fact that you think your home is finally as organized as you have dreamed of.

This is why you should spend one day a year checking and making sure that you have not collected unnecessary things, that your shelves and drawers are well organized and that everything is in place.

Then it’s time to start organizing your home! Check every nook and cranny and decide where you want to start. You will thank yourself later!

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