10 Great Ideas For An Autumn Wedding

If you are going to hold an autumn wedding, it is a good idea to adapt the decorations to the season. Thereby, your big day will have a warm and special touch.
10 great ideas for an autumn wedding

An autumn wedding is a beautiful reflection of romance. The natural tones of the surroundings create a beautiful backdrop for any wedding image. A nostalgic, golden landscape with the bride in focus is stunningly beautiful.

You will not regret it if you choose to hold an autumn wedding. In addition, it is important to include as much natural beauty as possible. It is a wonderful way to combine love and nature.

Ideas for an autumn wedding

1. Invitations

Beautiful autumn leaves on a tree

The autumn months are famous for their mysterious elegance that covers the surroundings. Everything is golden and the best thing is to be out in nature. Therefore, the wedding invitations should celebrate this time of year with a cozy and personal touch.

You can get invitations with magazine design and a nice font. Remember to take note of all the important details that your guests need to know.

2. Autumn dress

Lace is a highlight of fall and they look especially delicate on the sleeves of the wedding dress. You can also add lace on the back and neck of the dress.

We do not recommend choosing a large dress for an autumn wedding. But of course, all women have their own dream dress in mind, so therefore it is important to choose the type you would like. 

3. The bridal bouquet for an autumn wedding

The bridal bouquet that many women would like to grab during the reception will look a little different this fall. Flowers that bloom during this time of year create an extremely elegant floral arrangement for your fall wedding.

Florists recommend using peonies and chrysanthemums, but you should also include dried leaves. If you are a more traditional bride, you can add cream roses to these flowers.

4. Bridesmaid dresses

We recommend that the bridesmaids’ dresses are either purple or violet. Together with the autumn colors, this will look like fairy tale magic.

The contrast of the bridesmaid dresses with the beautiful colors of the landscape looks amazing. The cameras will love these pictures.

Dried flowers are perfect for an autumn wedding

5. Decorations for an autumn wedding

Candles are always in fashion, and so are other ornaments as well as seasonal fruits. As for table decorations, an autumn wedding will not be complete without tree decorations, which will give the tables warmth and coziness.

For an autumn wedding, it is common to use natural cutouts on the tablecloth. Therefore, branches with dried leaves and wooden discs will make the table look beautiful, while at the same time being very affordable.

6. Personalized dessert table

You can use the same wooden trend to give the dessert table its own style. That way, it will all look rustic while being elegant. If there is a fireplace in the room, it can be lit up so that it really creates a good atmosphere.

You can also make some small cakes in different flavors. The cakes can be with or without cream, with nuts and other combinations you can think of. In fact, pecans, hazelnuts and apples are essential for a dessert table for an autumn wedding.

7. Wedding cake

Consider a multi-storey wedding cake associated with wreaths and dried flowers. 

Ribbons and gold bows will be especially beautiful on a wedding cake in the fall. They make the cake look elegant and we are sure your guests will love it. You can personalize the cake by using a floral arrangement reminiscent of the bridal bouquet.

8. Drinks for an autumn wedding

Wine barrel with many kinds of wine

There is always champagne and sparkling wine for a wedding. Besides that, remember to think about your guests. There are some who like hot cider, while there are others who prefer spirits to fight the autumn cold in the evening.

For example, you can offer different cocktails with fruit so that none of your guests get thirsty. You can get one to walk around with a cart with drinks for each table.

9. Gifts for the guests

Give your guests personalized memories to say thank you for coming to the wedding. For example, you can use gift bags in gold, where you put chocolate and a note in.

You can also use practical containers that your guests can recycle at home. If you like, you can engrave your initials and fill it with aromatic salts. There are many different ideas you can use!

10. Wedding car

For an autumn wedding, it is better to drop the idea of ​​a limousine and consider something more classic. A horse-drawn carriage or an old car with autumn flowers on will fit perfectly for this occasion. However, make sure that there is a roof so that you do not freeze too much.

An autumn wedding that is well planned ensures romance and a good day. The beautiful scenery and the amazing colors are truly something you and your future husband must not miss!

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